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Cleanings & Exams

Cleanings and exams at Cunnington Dental.Routine dental cleanings are an important component in your quest for good oral health. At Cunnington Dental, we advise our patients to schedule a cleaning and exam every six months. This is also the schedule recommended by the American Dental Association. Even though you brush regularly at home, floss and use toothpaste with fluoride, you can’t get to all of the mineralized plaque that is on your teeth. It hides in places your toothbrush either can’t reach or can’t adequately clean. That is why it’s so important to get your teeth cleaned regularly.

Teeth Cleaning

When you get your teeth cleaned at our dental office, you’ll see that we have tools that aren’t available to you. We can safely scale your teeth to remove the mineralized plaque that has adhered to your teeth. We also have special plaque-removing tools that can get into those hard-to-reach places like in between your teeth that are notorious for causing cavities that creep up on you. This is particularly true if you don’t have regular exams. During a regular exam, we will also x-ray your teeth so that we can find and fix those hidden areas that can cause you problems.

Digital X-Rays

When we take x-rays of your teeth, they can tell us a lot about the state of your oral health. Dental x-rays expose not only cavities that may be starting but can tell us a host of other things about your mouth. The x-rays show cavities starting between your teeth, and they can also show bone disease.

In children, the x-rays can show us which teeth will be erupting and can also be an early warning of problems with an impending eruption. It can show us if children have teeth that lack the necessary roots for adult teeth. In these cases, when a baby tooth drops out there isn’t an adult tooth to take its place. This can give you a basis for planned orthodontic treatment, if necessary. If you have been injured, the x-rays will show the extent of the injury. They will also be the basis for a treatment plan that can get your teeth looking their best once again.

The Examination

When you have a dental exam at Cunnington Dental, we start with the x-rays. We will review them with you so you can see exactly what’s going on with your teeth. We will show you any cavities that have begun to fester and will lay out the plan to deal with them. Once that is done, we will do a visual inspection of your mouth. We’ll look at your teeth, gums, tongue, cheek and the roof of your mouth. All of these areas work together and combined give the picture of your oral health.

We can detect gum disease in its early stages and jump on a treatment plan to fix it. We will also discuss your dental hygiene routine—brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Together with the exam and the x-rays we can then determine if there is any area in which your routine maintenance is lacking or could use an adjustment.

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