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Dental Fillings

Dental fillings at Cunnington Dental.Most people in their lifetime will likely get at least one filling. Each day, bacteria and acid eat away at the hard covering of your teeth called enamel. The enamel on your teeth is one of the hardest substances in your body and is there to protect your teeth from damage. But the enamel needs help. You have to maintain your teeth properly by brushing regularly and flossing.

Even if you are great at brushing and flossing, it doesn’t mean that the bacteria and acid can’t burrow a hole into one of your teeth causing a cavity. Your diet, medications, smoking, and things you drink can all contribute to the deterioration of your teeth. If you don’t get enough calcium and Vitamin D, you can run into problems regardless of how well you clean your teeth. All of these things can lead to a cavity.

What Types of Fillings Are There?

Fillings are made of a variety of substances; we offer gold and composite resin.

Gold fillings are exactly what they sound like. They are an alloy made of gold, copper, and other metals. Gold fillings have been used for over a thousand years. Like amalgam, they are quite durable and can last an incredibly long time. The drawback to gold is that they are expensive and do not look like natural teeth.

Composite Resin
Composite resin is made of glass and quartz filler. It is both durable and resistant to fracture and is usually used in small to medium sized fillings. Composite resins can be used on both the front and back teeth because they look more like real teeth. They are capable of handling moderate chewing pressure.

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