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You Don't Have to Fear the Dentist

You don't have to fear the dentist at at Cunnington Dental.Dentists get a bad rap. Everyone seems to be afraid of us, and it is unjustified. No one is afraid of the doctor who hits their knee with a hard, rubber hammer. And no one fears surgeons who use scalpels to do their job. Okay, we see there is a distinction, since the surgeon does the job when you are asleep. Well, what’s the big deal, we can do the job when you are asleep. Better yet, we can do the job when you are so relaxed you may as well be asleep but aren’t. That’s right; we can clean your teeth and pull one too without you feeling a bit of anxiety.

How We Can Help You Relax

If you can’t come to us without being in a relaxed state, then we can help. When you make your appointment for an exam and teeth cleaning at Cunnington Dental, let us know you need something to help you relax. When you do, we can prescribe a pill that you can take one hour before your appointment. Don’t worry; we are trained in conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation is an FDA-approved protocol that allows dentists to give you a mild sedative. This sedative, take by mouth, is one of the drugs in the benzodiazepine class. This includes diazepam, lorazepam, and triazolam. All of these drugs are approved by the FDA to be given to dental patients.

The Sedation Process

When you are sedated, as it makes it through your system, it will relieve your anxiety. As time goes on it will make you feel so relaxed you won’t even think about what you’re doing at the dentist’s office. If you are worried that you won’t be in control of yourself, don’t be. The best part about conscious dentistry is just that—you’re conscious. Unlike having surgery performed by a physician, you will be completely alert the entire time we are working with you. You will be able to see and hear everything that is going on. You will even be able to respond to questions and instructions. The only requirement is that you have someone bring to the office and you must have them pick you up. The drug’s effects will last for several hours, and you can’t drive while under the influence.

A Safe Choice

The best news is there are rarely side effects. These drugs have been on the market since the 1960’s. They are safe and react with few other medications. The worst that will happen is you will likely remember little about your visit to your office. You also will feel very little pain.

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